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About Us 

VISION PLANNING CONSULTANTS LTD. (VPC) was founded in June 1998. It is a private consultancy firm offering high-quality urban planning and urban design expertise to the private and public sectors. The firm has a team of experienced town planners. It provides the following town planning consultancy services :


I. Land Development

  • Site Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Professional Advice


II. Planning Studies

  • Strategic and Regional Planning
  • Sectoral Studies
  • Planning Policies, Standards and Guidelines
  • Master Layout Plans, and District and Local Development Plans
  • Coordination of Professional Technical Assessments

III. Statutory Planning (Hong Kong)

  • Planning Applications
  • Rezoning Applications
  • Planning Reviews
  • Planning Appeals
  • Planning Objections
  • Views on Statutory Town Plans


I. 用地發展

  • 用地功能結構規劃
  • 可行性研究
  • 專業意見


II. 規劃研究

  • 策略及區域規劃
  • 專題研究
  • 規劃政策、標準與準則
  • 城市總體/分區及小區規劃發展藍圖
  • 統籌專業技術評估



  • 規劃申請
  • 改劃土地用途申請
  • 規劃申請覆核
  • 規劃申請上訴
  • 規劃反對意見
  • 對法定規劃圖意見


In order to ensure the provision of comprehensively-designed high-quality services to meet Clients’ expectations, the Company has achieved a Quality System Certificate (ISO 9001: 2008) and frequently works closely with a group of locally based reputable professional firms/universities/institutions to cover architectural, urban design, landscape planning, and impact assessments on environmental and ecological, social, economic, civil engineering, traffic and transport aspects if required.



確保提供更全面、更完善的高質素服務,本公司已成功獲取ISO 9001: 2008質量管理體系標準經常與本地紮根的高質素專題專業顧問公司/大學/機構,就不同的規劃及發展項目內容要求,提供相關的建築及城市形體設計、園林規劃與設計、環境及生態、社區、經濟、基建和交通運輸及道路規劃與設計等,提供專題影響評估和分析。