Overseas Projects



Overseas Projects (as at 12.2009)
境外項目 (到2009年12月為止)

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    1. Master Planning for a Luxurious Residential Development (29.7 ha) in Xiao Mei Sha, Shenzhen, PRC.
    2. Retail Planning Study for Guangzhou City for 2003-2012.
    3. Master Planning for a 240ha Comprehensive Residential Development, Tianjin.
    4. Feasibility Study on Tourist Attraction Development, Dalian.
    5. Feasibility Study on a 200ha Development, a 18-hole Golf Course-cum-Residential Clusters, Chongqing.
    6. Feasibility Study on Ban Tien Local Government Offices-cum-Exhibition and Convention and Guest Houses Complex, Ban Tien, Shenzhen.
    7. Redevelopment Study on Xiao Mei Sha, Shenzhen.
    8. Master Planning for a Mix-uses Development (6.7ha) in Macau.
    9. Master Planning for a Mix-uses Development (2 Sq. Km), Huicheng, Huizhou City.
    10. Feasibility Study on an Integrated Tourist and Health Care Beach Resort Development (100ha) in Xu Wen Xiang, Zhanjiang City.
    11. Planning Review Study on a Planned Reclamation Site (100km2), Lianyungang, Jiansu Province.